Whilst you work on your business

NB: Virtual Assistant can be working on your admin

Are you being weighed down by the administrative side of your business? Are you raring to be out winning more contracts but you’re sat at your desk co-ordinating diaries, filing expenses and keeping on top of invoicing?

All of these (and many more!) are important day-to-day office tasks, but they can detract from servicing clients, earning fees and growing your company.

Whether you are a small start-up venture reluctant to recruit a full-time secretary, or a larger company looking to bridge a short-term staffing gap or just share the workload during busy times, NB: Virtual Assistant (NB:VA) can carry this weight for you.

Scroll down the page for some ideas of the tasks we can carry out for you.

Tasks to delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Email management
Diary management
Data entry and management
File expenses
Business templates
Basic bookkeeping
Invoicing and credit control

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