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with NB: Virtual Assistant

Building, growing and developing your business falls to the strength of your marketing efforts. Knowing your target market and winning its business is the only way to fuel your own company’s success.

But with the fundamentals of a marketing programme comes a host of administration. Sharing this workload with a virtual assistant frees you to focus on existing and prospective clients – both of whom are key to your company’s future.

Whatever your industry, NB: Virtual Assistant (NB:VA) can share this workload.

How we can help

Marketing material

Using a third party designer to create your material for you but you don’t want to have to worry about chasing and proofing the documents? NB:VA can liaise with your chosen designer to ensure that your newsletters, adverts, flyers and leaflets contain the message you want and look stunning.

Project management

If you would prefer to use a third party marketing agency for your campaigns, we can act as your personal assistant to ensure that deadlines are met.


We can produce high quality PowerPoint or Prezzi presentations for your new business pitches.

Email marketing campaigns

Using MailChimp, or your preferred e-marketing tool, NB:VA can prepare and send your email marketing campaigns and newsletters.

Mail and email merges

Do you prefer to send your material to your clients using standard email or mailing techniques? NB:VA can organise, prepare and send it on your behalf.

Mailing lists and databases

We can organise and maintain your databases and lists to ensure you have the most up to date information.

This list is by no means exhaustive; please contact us to find out how NB:VA can help with your marketing projects. We can also assist with audio transcription, general administration and event planning.

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